Traffic accidents

The law office will provide you with professional legal assistance that you may need if you are involved in a road traffic accident.

Competence of the office

Higher education in the automotive field and seven years experience in car accident examination combined with long practice in the legal profession and insurance support providing the client with an objective, professional, legal assistance, meeting the best interests of the client.

Legal assistance

  • Inquiring and investigating the circumstances of the road traffic accidents.
  • Organization of road traffic accident examination (car accident reconstruction).
  • Representing clients in relations with insurance companies.
  • Representation of clients in the proceeding of insurance disputes in the court, the Ombudsman Institution of the Latvian Insurers Association, the  Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia, as well as in the Consumer Rights Protection Centre and the Financial and Capital Market Commission.
  • Drafting complaints, petitions, claim statements, explanations, pleadings and other procedural documents.

in criminal proceedings:

  • Defence of persons.
  • Representing the interests of victims.
  • Drafting applications for compensation.
  • Drafting complaints, pleadings, applications, explanations and other procedural documents.
  • Providing legal assistance to persons involved in criminal proceedings.

in administrative procedure:

  • Representing the interests of persons in the public institutions and the court.
  • Drafting complaints, pleadings, applications, explanations and other procedural documents.

Useful information

Proceeding of road traffic accidents in Latvia, as well as the type of liability, depends on the severity of the consequences of the road traffic accident.


Criminal liability for committing the road traffic accident may occur, if people are injured by it. If the victim suffered minor injuries to health disorder or injury of average gravity, criminal proceeding is initiated, if a statement is received from a person who has suffered. In other cases the initiation of criminal process does not depend on the will of the victim. However, the offender may be released from criminal liability if the victim signed a settlement agreement, except when the road traffic accident is committed under the influence of alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances.


Remember that in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations you may not report on road traffic accident to the police if:

  • people have not suffered in the road traffic accident,
  • damages to the property of a third person have not been committed,
  • damage to vehicles has not been caused, due to which they could not move,
  • not more than two vehicles are involved in the road traffic accident,
  • You and the driver of the other vehicle, taken part in the road accident, are able to agree on all significant circumstances of the road accident and signed an agreed statement in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the insurer.

Likewise the driver of the vehicle may leave the scene of the road traffic accident without reporting the incident to police in the case, If only one vehicle is involved in the road traffic accident, and people have not been injured and damage to the property of a third person has not occurred.


If you have voluntary vehicle insurance (KASKO), do not forget in due time to read the terms of insurance regulations regarding your responsibilities when the insured risk – the road accident is occurred. In addition, pay a special attention to those sections of the insurance regulations, which describe the insured risks and the exclusion from insurance coverage.