Nastasia Fridmane is Sworn Advocate and the founder of the law office.  Mrs. Fridmane is a member of Latvian Collegiums of Sworn advocates since 1999.

The establishment of this law office became a logical and natural step in the course of Mrs. Fridmane’s professional growth, her extensive individual experiences and expertise.

Mrs. Fridmane graduated from the Riga Technical University in 1992.  She worked as a research assistant at the Department of Car Accident Reconstruction of Latvian Forensic Sciences Laboratory. Within seven years Mrs. Frīdmane became one of the prominent experts in the field of car accident reconstruction in Latvia as well as carried out and published several scientific research papers on issues in car accident reconstruction.

Next ten years Nastasja Frīdmane dedicated to insurance industry. Mrs. Frīdmane has for many years been a member of management and supervisory boards of insurance undertakings, managed legal and security departments, ensured corporate governance of international company, compliance, legal risk management, business continuity, as well as actively participated in legal committees of Latvian Insurers’ Association and Latvian Motor Bureau.

Thus, the area of special expertise of this law office is insurance, corporate and commercial law as well as all matters relating to the participation of persons in road traffic, which is facing criminal, civil as well as administrative proceedings. Furthermore, this law office provides resources related to business legal support, compliance and risk management as well as development of internal regulations. This law office provides legal assistance in other fields of the law as well.

Effective collaboration of this law office with the best specialists and experts in appropriate fields contribute to the speedy and professional resolution of clients' issues.